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Wooly thinking

28 Aug

I’ve been scouting for wool.  There appears to be price fixing between John Lewis and Liberty’s, for Rowan.  I went along with my chaise arm cover and decided upon Rowan Creative Focus which comes in various shades that match my scheme.

I’m going for:

  • Natural
  • Nickel
  • Deep Rose
  • New Fern
  • Basil and
  • Cobalt for the sea.

The balls are 100g so I will need less of them than the specified 22 balls of colour and 6 of sea.  I have found out that 4 colours is the minimum number of colours needed to ensure no colours touch on a map of the USA.  I will be doing my favourite States in pink (Deep Rose) so will have a total of 6 colours on the blanket.

With the help of the woman at Teasels the calculation is for 3 balls of each main colour, 1 of Deep Rose and 5 of Cobalt.  Teasels don’t carry Rowan and Woolcraft Heritage was suggested as an alternative, the colour choice is wider but would need to be ordered and does not suit my scheme.   I also want to use nice wool because the blanket will be on show.  So I’m off to town to buy what I need soonish.


I’m going to knit a blanket

20 Aug

I’m fed up of sitting under a duvet on the settee so I’m going to knit a nice blanket which can stay out all year. The James Dean duvet has to be put away if we have visitors because it looks scruffy.  My blanket will stay out and be admired.

I am still deciding on colour scheme, I don’t want the gaudy colours specified.  I’m hoping to match it with the chaise cover, tones of green and grey, with a pink Tennessee. But how many shades are required?  I never realised how many other states Tennessee abuts, I could use 10 different colours, but I’m planning on 5-6.  I will take my slip cover to John Lewis once finance is in place and will select and purchase my wool.

Come winter we will be huddled under this.

To do:

  • decide on colours
  • test on map of states
  • buy wool
  • buy circular needle
  • start knitting


Hello world!

20 Aug

A blog to chart my progress as I knit a blanket.  I am a novice knitter, having completed:

  • a jumper (one week in the run up to Christmas with extensive help from the knitting ladies at Teasels)
  • matching bobble hat – lovely bobble
  • a panda hat to see if I  could – I could
  • a pink and green schat – hat and scarf combo from a 50’s mag
  • various scarfs – none blocked so they roll up horribly unless wrapped securely
  • sundry nativity animals, only allowed to knit animals so far, not trusted with humans
  • a corgi – was going to knit a pack but one was enough and he is crippled
  • Jubilee bunting – gawd bless yer majesty
  • rainbow bunting
  • a short sleeve jumper – adjusting pattern to create an argyle design on front, unfinished
  • shamrock scarf, no pattern I made it up as I knitted
  • and a work in progress cushion cover, wearing me out in this heat.

The thing I like about knitting is you can choose the colours you want for a project and don’t have to rely upon finding something manufactured to your specifications, you can do it yourself.  The thing I don’t like about it is you have to do it yourself!