Hello world!

20 Aug

A blog to chart my progress as I knit a blanket.  I am a novice knitter, having completed:

  • a jumper (one week in the run up to Christmas with extensive help from the knitting ladies at Teasels)
  • matching bobble hat – lovely bobble
  • a panda hat to see if I  could – I could
  • a pink and green schat – hat and scarf combo from a 50’s mag
  • various scarfs – none blocked so they roll up horribly unless wrapped securely
  • sundry nativity animals, only allowed to knit animals so far, not trusted with humans
  • a corgi – was going to knit a pack but one was enough and he is crippled
  • Jubilee bunting – gawd bless yer majesty
  • rainbow bunting
  • a short sleeve jumper – adjusting pattern to create an argyle design on front, unfinished
  • shamrock scarf, no pattern I made it up as I knitted
  • and a work in progress cushion cover, wearing me out in this heat.

The thing I like about knitting is you can choose the colours you want for a project and don’t have to rely upon finding something manufactured to your specifications, you can do it yourself.  The thing I don’t like about it is you have to do it yourself!


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