Wooly thinking

28 Aug

I’ve been scouting for wool.  There appears to be price fixing between John Lewis and Liberty’s, for Rowan.  I went along with my chaise arm cover and decided upon Rowan Creative Focus which comes in various shades that match my scheme.

I’m going for:

  • Natural
  • Nickel
  • Deep Rose
  • New Fern
  • Basil and
  • Cobalt for the sea.

The balls are 100g so I will need less of them than the specified 22 balls of colour and 6 of sea.  I have found out that 4 colours is the minimum number of colours needed to ensure no colours touch on a map of the USA.  I will be doing my favourite States in pink (Deep Rose) so will have a total of 6 colours on the blanket.

With the help of the woman at Teasels the calculation is for 3 balls of each main colour, 1 of Deep Rose and 5 of Cobalt.  Teasels don’t carry Rowan and Woolcraft Heritage was suggested as an alternative, the colour choice is wider but would need to be ordered and does not suit my scheme.   I also want to use nice wool because the blanket will be on show.  So I’m off to town to buy what I need soonish.


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