The State I’m in

2 Sep

So the wool is purchased, John Lewis at Stratford has a good selection and I got three balls of each colour, plus five blue for the sea and one pink for the states I like the best.  We’ll gloss over the price because I could have bought some v fancy blankets for the price of the wool to knit this one.

I have run my colours through this map maker which allows you to test colour combinations and it looks ok.  Obviously the colour options are not as sophisticated as those offered by Rowan but it is good enough to give an idea of how the blanket will look.  It took forever to get the data right because I don’t know the more obscure state abbreviations from my elbow and the in-house expert doesn’t know his MO from his MT on a map.

The real colours are dark green, light green, ivory and a light grey but this gives an idea of the distribution

I knitted my swatch and it came up right for 4.5mm needles; nice wool to knit with too.  So now I just need to purchase a circular needle in 4.5mm, looking at this shop which is open today but don’t imagine I’ll get dressed in time to go shopping.  After all, tomorrow’s another day .


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