One for Texas

6 Sep

I bought my needle, Addi 5mm with 100cm cord.  Very swish and seems to make my knitting faster.  I rushed to the pub to start knitting, managed 4 rows and was very pleased.  When I got home and looked at my pattern I had it wrong, it was stocking when it should have been garter, so I had to pull it all out.  The wool (Rowan Creative Focus) is a bugger to unravel because it has lots of little fibres that tangle.  But I did it and started again.  In the morning I counted my stitches 3 times and got different counts each time.  It’s hard to count on that wire.  So I started again and added markers, as advised in the pattern.  I just used loops of white wool not having any markers, but they have worked well so far.  272 stitches clearly marked out, border, charts 1,2,3 and 4 and more border.

I’m a slow knitter and even with these super fast needles it is slow going.  I have knitted 14 rows so far and that is probably in about 4 hours of knitting, while watching telly and drinking tea.  I wanted to get to landfall on the first day, Texas line 14 of the chart, one stitch, and managed it by bedtime and very satisfied I was too.

Brownsville in wool

This morning I came down to examine it and found I had messed up.  Texas should be on the other side of my marker.  How did this happen?  It is fixable, I’ll fudge it rather than fix it but it is annoying.  As I started knitting I realised it is going to be very hard to correct mistakes unless I see them immediately and back track. This mistake is in the middle of a row and would require unpicking the row and adjusting.  I am not good enough to do this well so I will just adjust the Texas coastline a smidge.  Brownsville is going places people!

The mistake does explain how one knitter managed to knit her blanket backwards, reading the chart on the WS will cause that.  It is an early mistake and I’m glad I made it, I can watch out for it now.  So I press on and will start on Florida, Hawaii and Alaska today.


One Response to “One for Texas”

  1. binky September 6, 2012 at 9:35 am #

    land ho!

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