From sea to shining sea

4 Oct

The blanket is finished.  Last stitch was on Sunday the 30th but I was ill and didn’t blog about it.

I’m so glad to finish it but the battle now is to protect it from the moths.

Hanging on the line to get straightened out.

I added the date and a certain someone was scanning the blanket furiously, but, he thought, discreetly, looking for his own permanent marker so I had to highlight South Bend, In too


South Bend, In. probably more accurate a map than you’ll get with an I phone.

The back is not looking  too shabby, I need to work in the loose ends but there are only a few due to the number of balls used and working them in as I went.


The whole thing measures about 70 inches by 38, so big enough for one to huddle  under, looks like the James Dean duvet stays.  It took a lot less wool than recommended by the pattern and my knitting gurus; 9 balls will comfortably do it though I did use long balls of yarn (200 +).  Four balls for the background and 5 colours for the states.  Just break up the colour balls before you start, into 5 or 6 smaller balls which will allow you to start with a new ball on each new state.  I can only take one ball back, I broke open all the rest and only half used them.  So really I should start knitting at  least another 2 blankets.  But I won’t, ever, knit another blanket like this again.

Mistakes, I made a few.  I’m glad I didn’t record every mistake made here, it would be depressing to have them on view.

  • I slipped a stitch in Arizona and was too late to pick it up, still need to fix  that.
  • Like all good map makers I added some trap streets and please don’t try to navigate the Mississippi Delta using my blanket, you may drown.
  • Like all good carper weavers I added some errors.  “It is said that pious carpet-weavers deliberately include tiny mistakes in their fine carpets, because only God has the right to be immaculate.”  Such as a short row of knit not purl off the coast of Alaska, I’ll leave the others for you to find, if there are any.

However I also learned a bit.  I can now unpick at least a row and a half to pick up a dropped stitch, even on circular needles.  Still can’t recognise when I am too tired to knit though.  I would come down in the morning and see dropped stitch after dropped stitch knitted late at night (that’ll be 9pm!) and have to spend the morning unpicking my work.

I was recommended this wool because it would hide errors, but being a map there are no errors, just artistic interpretations.  I would do it again in a less fluffy wool to get cleaner border and coastline joins.  They are a bit too fuzzy for my liking.

I’m considering making it in to a quilt, more thought needed.

Here endeth the knitting a blanket blog, bring on the owl hats in cable.

News just in, someone approves of it.

She never sits on the middle cushion!


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